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86% of used car buyers perform a form of pre-purchase inspection (PPI). PPIs can range from over $100 to upwards of $400 depending on the extensiveness of the work and mechanic's experience

Your turn to dealerships thinking you'll find quality vehicles

On average, dealership used vehicles are priced 23% higher than its suggested residual value. This is because buyers think they are getting higher quality vehicles than private used vehicles

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With the help of EpikCar, you have access to a long list of high quality private used vehicles and enjoy thousands of dollars in saving, for your next vehicle purchase.

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many different components of a ve many different components of a veh

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When purchasing a used vehicle, there are many different components of a vehicle that a potential buyer should pay close attention to. Not only have these determined the value of the vehicle, knowing the vehicle reduces change of spending large sums of money on maintenance and repair post purchase. But as an average used car buyer, it might come as a challenge to pick the right vehicle by checking all these components.

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Epik Car will let you know Epik Expert’s honest, unbiased opinion about the vehicle of your interest so you can make more informed buying decision. Epik Experts will go through through inspection of the vehicle and ensure that you are getting a high quality vehicle. Epik Expert’s inspection result will be presented in our Epik Report which can be found for each vehicle. Epik Expert’s findings are summarized for your information and explains potential causes and impact in detail.

See What We Think

In many cases, car that is priced higher does not necessarily mean that the car is worth more than vehicles that are listed at lower price. This is even more difficult to determine for an average car buyer even with the help of the Epik Report. By unveiling any undisclosed vehicle’s condition with the car based on Epik Expert’s inspection, Epik Car can give you an idea what the Epik Car’s value should be. This way, you never pay more than you should.

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